Jones Enterprise Elite Scanning will list the top 3 ways that document scanning can help your business. Obviously this can all depend on how much you are currently relying on paper based documents, but if you do, this is a great guide to get you moving into a better system that works within your company.
  • Document scanning improves efficiency
  • This is one of the biggest and most proven facts about document scanning and this is the main reason that the majority of companies decide to go digital with their documents. When your documents are scanned and put into a digital document management system, they are much easier to find when compared to paper documents. Think about how long it might take to search through filing cabinets and storage to find the files that you need. Even if you have a good idea where they are, it can still take quite a bit of time especially if the files have not been put back correctly or are out of order. Searching for a document digitally means doing a quick computer based search which will take a matter of moments. The effects this can have on efficiency and productivity is excellent as more work can be done than ever before. Staff morale is also boosted as the result of a more interesting working day.
    When you get your documents scanned by a professional document scanning company, the files are indexed in any way that you wish. This can be by a reference number, a client name or address or anything else that is relevant. That means that you can simply type in the appropriate information and the document should appear on the screen right away. This makes life considerably easier in the office.
  • Document scanning and digital management systems save money
  • There might be an initial cost to getting all of your documents scanned, but the costs that will be saved in the long run especially, and in some cases the very short term, is exceptional. As we mentioned in the previous section, efficiency is improved and more work gets done. This can mean that you wouldn't need to employ more staff and train them because of improvements in productivity. You will also find that the amount you spend on paper, printer ink and other office supplies involved will be cut dramatically as documents are no longer printer to be stored.
    On top of this, if you are a company that stores their documents in a storage facility with ongoing monthly costs and retrieval fees, this can be cut out completely. Once the documents are scanned, indexed and onto your systems, they are in your own hands and can be accessed at any time, removing the need for storing the physical files and the costly, time-consuming retrieval. Law firms have already found that this system is excellent for helping with their document storage costs.
  • Document scanning saves space
  • When the need for physical, paper based documents is no longer an issue, the documents, and the cabinets and drawers they are located in, can be disposed of leaving you with more office space to use however you wish. In the modern, economic environment, space is more important than ever and every inch can count in a lot of cases. The extra space can be used for extra facilities or just to give more breathing room for your staff to work in, which I'm sure they'll thank you for!