A business creates a huge amount of information and records, many of these are still paper based even with today's technology. Document management is key in ensuring that you can find required documents as it relates to regulatory agencies such as tax and employment authorities and documents also need to be retained for your accountants to prepare tax returns, financial statements, etc. If you just try and throw it all in a shoe box you will have a mess. Just look at a company like Enron who shredded documents for 2 days, and still only got through a fraction of what they wanted to shred. Documents are everywhere and they need to be managed through proper storage and destruction.
Less paper consumption means a lot less trees being cut down and used and therefore the problem is almost immediately rectified by simply cutting down paper use in your working life or even using none at all.

But there are other attributes to consider when it comes to the paperless office.

Here are a few:

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Space saving

The paperless office can help us in more ways than environmentally, and can improve efficiency to potentially huge benefits. Documents saved onto computer in a document management system or a piece of document management software can be tracked and found quicker and easier than going through hundreds of physical documents in order to find the information you need. If you have your documents made completely readable by computer using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), this could be a huge help in finding particular words and phrases within files such as reference numbers, client names and addresses. And we're talking in seconds, not minutes. This time saving creates potentially more time for other important tasks to be done around the office.

The obvious benefit of a paperless office is the considerable space you will free up if you no longer have a need for folders, document boxes and filing cabinets. Once the files are digitized you could send your documents to be recycled and give yourself back some much needed office space.

A more efficient and spacious working environment will not only boost morale but can save you money that can be spent in more important aspects of the business.

The paperless office really is the office of the future, so why not let Jones Enterprise Elite Scanning take you into the future?